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Contribution Towards Better Living

Her History & Her Life

Hajiran is a 72-year-old widowed mother of two teenage boys and a teenage daughter. She lived a modest life in a small village, Ibrahim Chandio, in the district Dadu of Sindh. Here she and her unmarried children earned a living by working the farmlands. The pay for farm labour isn’t much, but it was enough to keep herself and her family fed.

Damage from a Disaster


The 2022 floods took everything from her. Hajiran was now homeless, forced out of her village by the raging flood water. Her house was completely destroyed, her crops ruined, and her valuables lost. With nowhere to go Hajiran and her family found themselves taking shelter in temporary housing (tents) arranged by humanitarian organizations. While Hajiran found a place to sleep for the night, there was no food, clean drinking water, or washroom facilities. A lack of a washroom is a particularly problematic situation for women.

When Hajiran returned home, her house was no longer standing. Walls had fallen, clothes were destroyed, and her food rations were gone. The biggest challenge was finding a new livelihood. Hajiran’s family is well-versed in farming, but with farmlands destroyed across the district, there were no new job opportunities. Post floods there is a low demand for labourers and a high influx of flood-affected individuals looking for a job. Hajiran’s number one concern right now is getting a job so she can afford food for herself and her family.

Kindling Hope

When her village was selected as a distribution site for SPI’s flood response, Hajiran saw a ray of hope. She was selected as a beneficiary because she was a widow leading a household. The food package provided immediate relief for her family. Hajiran’s biggest concern was feeding her family and with SPI’s help, she now has one less thing to worry about. With her food needs met Hajiran and her family can now spend their time working repairing their farmlands and preparing for the next harvest season.

Life for Hajiran and her family is still very tough, they don’t have proper bedding for winter, their house is still in an unlivable condition, and they lack the means to purchase new seeds for their farmlands. However, SPI’s flood response has contributed to a better life for Hajiran