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Working for the betterment of society since 2014

We began as a small group of social rights activists who sought to improve the lives of our fellow Pakistanis. By 2022 we had supported over 20,000 people by lending a hand, sharing resources, and providing opportunities.


Humble Origins

A group of social and rights activists formed a coalition with the express purpose of expanding social services in Pakistan. Our objective has always been to address neglected and marginalized communities’ issues and humanitarian challenges.


Successful 1st Step

We organized our first campaign, Clothes Bank was a huge success. Real change means doing things practically. A community banding together to share their blessings with their neighbours is everything we wanted.


Equal Representation

Gender equality is very close to our hearts. A society cannot prosper without the engagement of half its population. Our Live Equally campaign created a learning opportunity for our communities.


Breaking Chains

Gender violence and abuse are often overlooked in our society. But it is and has always been a core human rights issue. OATH launched Pakistan’s first Thursdays in Black campaign to raise our voices against this injustice.


Joining Hands

We understand that large-scale change requires us to join hands with others and work together. Thus, we join the CATCH Consortium as one of its four key partners to further expand our reach and humanitarian efforts.


Fighting COVID

The pandemic was a hard time for everyone but it was especially difficult for already struggling communities. We are happy that we could help our fellow neighbours in their time of need.


A Storm Rages

2022 saw devastating floods destroy communities and displace families all over Pakistan. We were fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to help with the recovery efforts in several districts of KPK and Sindh.


Our Efforts Continue

Following the rollercoaster of a year, we have come out stronger and more motivated than ever before. We will continue to server our community in any way we can.

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