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We are working towards holistic community development

We believe that poverty is not just material deprivation but a continuous process of “dis-empowerment” that includes denial of choices/rights/opportunities, discrimination, disparity, domination, displacement, dehumanization etc. Our aim is to empower vulnerable communities through education, advocacy, and community engagement, ensuring that they have the tools and opportunities to thrive.

Our Mission

To inspire hope and bring restoration to underprivileged segments of communities with particular focus on women, children and youth.

Our Vission

Our vision is for an equal, inclusive, diverse, cohesive and interdependent community where each individual enjoys the fullness of life.

what we do.

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Emergency and Disaster Risk Reduction

Emergency and Disaster Risk Reduction

We provide emergency assistance to disaster-affected communities and work to reduce future risks by building local capacity and promoting disaster risk reduction initiatives.

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Access to Water, Sanitation & Hygiene is a basic human right. We aim to improve access to clean & safe drinking water, provide appropriate sanitation facilities, and promote good hygiene practices in our communities.

Women & Youth

Women & Youth

We believe Women and Youth are critical to a country’s development. Empowering them through education, skills training, and opportunities, can lead to economic growth and social progress will lead to a better society.

Church Led Community

Church Led Community

Our Church Led Community Development initiative allows local churches to play a key role in leading development efforts within their communities. This approach leverages the trust and influence of the church to address social, economic, spiritual and environmental issues.



We regularly initiate campaigns that raise awareness on societal and environmental issues that are widespread in our communities. These campaigns help educate community members and ensure their engagement and participation in community transformation.

Cross Cutting Themes

At OATH, we recognize the importance of cross-cutting themes in our development initiatives. Through our work with community groups and churches, we ensure equal representation and participation of women, children, youth, and the differently abled. We aim for social cohesion by partnering with community representatives and building their capacity. We ensure the use of modern technology to help improve and innovate in our development efforts. All of our work is done with quality and accountability at the forefront. We hold ourselves to the same standards


Engaging Communities to Work Together

We cannot improve the quality of life of our community by working separately. Proper change can only be enacted through collaboration between communities.

A thriving community requires the identification, appreciation, and engagement of community members. We empower them to join community development efforts and support their favorite causes.

Families are the basic element of our society and happy families will lead to a prosperous community. Our campaigns encourage and promote the participation of families as a group.

Community problems can only be solved by community members. Our role is to help develop their vision and support the implementation of their community initiatives.

The goal of creating a diverse and inclusive society cannot be accomplished by one organization. We often collaborate with other organizations to best serve the community.