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Diversity and Inclusivity Policy Statement

Outreach Assistance to Humanity (OATH) aims to be a diverse and inclusive organization providing equal opportunities for all. Our goal as an employer is to promote a healthy and safe work environment for our staff. Where our staff, partners, consultants, and other team members do not suffer any type of discrimination based on race, color, gender, caste, ethnic origin, nationality, religious views, age, disability, marital status, family situation, or social class. We believe that recognizing and appreciating the hard work of our employees, collaborators, and partners is the key to unlocking their full potential and a necessary aspect of our organization’s continuous success. A thorough recruitment, selection, and hiring process ensures applicants are given every opportunity to display that their skills, experience, and motivation are relevant and applicable to the requirements of the job. We do our best to ensure particular attention is paid to women, people with disabilities, and religious and ethnic minorities. OATH is dedicated to the implementation of this policy and is constantly reviewing and assessing our practices, procedures, and guidelines that directly affect this policy. Under certain circumstances the nationality or family situation of an applicant may be taken into account, such as, during wartime or when a particular ratio of national to expatriate staff is required by a given program. Such exceptions and departures from norms will only occur after a comprehensive and careful examination of the situation in lieu of program requirements and are subject to change under evolving circumstances. Aside from special circumstances, the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusivity, will apply to assessment, recruitment, promotion, transfer, training, and other aspects of the terms and conditions of employment. Variations in the details of the working conditions of the staff will be within reason and follow the core values of OATH adapted to local contexts, instead of a complete departure. A robust policy of diversity and inclusivity will benefit both individuals and the organization as a whole, leading to enriched and prosperous outcomes.

How to Apply

No current vacancies are posted.
All interested individuals are welcome to forward their CVs to hrd@oath.org.pk to be maintained in our database.


OATH offers an annual internship opportunity for final-year students and fresh graduates. Our internship program provides a wide range of learning experiences that will help our interns smoothly transition to a professional work environment. These internship experiences are designed to improve the intern’s work ethic and responsibilities through trainings, team-building exercises, awareness-raising sessions, and first-hand experience in developmental and humanitarian work.
All interested individuals are welcome to forward their CVs to to be maintained in our database. Interested candidates should send their CVs with a cover letter indicating goals and motivation for joining an NGO to hrd@oath.org.pk.
Interns are selected as per the requirements of OATH and its ongoing programs. We follow our Diversity and Inclusivity Policy Statement when considering potential candidates.