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Accepting Social Responsibility

2022 Floods

During the 2022 floods, several southern areas of Pakistan were devastated. Leaving several hundred families without food, shelter, and basic human necessities. Everyone from government officials to everyday citizens was looking to do their part and help those in need. There was dire need for every sector to indulge in community work so that the needs of all flood affectees could be fulfilled. Along with all the actors, the Church is consistently promoting flood rehabilitation to save lives of several and being socially responsible to create impact on Flood Affectees.

UCCR’s Contribution

There are a few ways these campaigns can be conducted in order to make an actual impact on the community and affectees. Partners Churches of CATCH IV who are also members of the United Churches Council of Rawalpindi (UCCR) have been working for the welfare and development of the community for over a decade. During this critical time, UCCR not only prayed for the flood affected communities, but also took practical steps. Partners churches set up a flood relief camp and also shared their Sunday offerings for the flood relief. The camp proved to be crucial in collecting funds and other offerings from individuals. People want to help their neighbours affected by natural disasters but often lack the means and opportunity. The flood relief camp provided kind individuals an opportunity to share their God given blessings with others.

In addition to organizing and setting up the camp, UCCR member churches also offered their collections to the cause. The combined donations were then handed over to Jamaat-e-Islami, who had already been working on flood relief. Through UCCR’s quick actions and donation, they were able to donate bedding items, to 50 flood-affected families, in Khairpur, Sindh.