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A Journey Towards Success

Kamancia Daniel started her internship at OATH under the CATCH-IV program, from June 22 to November 22. OATH was happy to give a learning opportunity to a fresh graduate and train her for future prospects. She started with OATH as a finance intern and her interest in the project management she also worked in the programme activities specially in the Church and community Mobilization.

During her brief time at OATH Kamancia was given training sessions in finance alongside youth development workshop sessions. Her time at OATH led her to experience almost all of the CATCH-IV projects. Additionally, she was given several opportunities and in-house training and coaching to build her capacity to contribute to the CATCH project.

In the last month of my internship I was engaged in an Environmental to Training session on climate at Fatima Jinnah University as a representative of OATH, for their environmental training and sensitization work. It is not only the training after this session I was also engaged for the practical work in the community to implement this training and complete the project. The project includes the identification & selection of the community and putting up the flower and beautification of the wall and sensitization of the community for green environment practices. Kamancia got an opportunity to work in the HR department of a community development organization. OATH is proud to support a young woman in her career development. The skills, experience, and opportunities she gained while working under OATH, directly contributed to her new job. We wish her all the best in all her future endeavors.